About Us


VTEC Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd (known as Vitechnology Systems Ltd in Hong Kong) is a well-established library software developer with over 20 years’ experience in library automation.

VTEC was founded in 1987 by two computer professionals from Australia, each with more than twenty years’ experience in programming. In 1989, a second office was opened in Singapore to develop further the company’s application software and to support its clients. With two offices, VTEC provides local support in the Asian region and continuous upgrading of its products.

VTEC Systems has a sound reputation for quality software and consultation services for the automation and development of Information Resource Centres.

VTEC provides software development, consultation services and turnkey solutions in Hong Kong, China, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, to schools, the government/statutory boards, to commercial sectors and non-profit/religious organisations. To date, more than 125 information centres/libraries have used VTEC’s products and services.

From accumulated knowledge and expertise, VTEC Systems specializes in two major lines of business. One is the development of applications for information resource centres or repositories. The other line of business is the provision of services to help organisations automate their information repositories and libraries.

Currently, more than 120 libraries and resource centres in Asia are using the V-LIB Library Management System or VINA developed by VTEC in Singapore and Hong Kong.