Key Executives

Mr Simon Cheng Wing Hing
Director, VTEC Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd

Mr. Simon Cheng is the Director and one of the original founders of VTEC Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd. He is responsible for directing the company’s corporate operations and business in Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Mr Cheng was the Technical Director in VTEC Systems, Sydney, specialising in library and information management application development and database conversion. In 1989 Mr Cheng brought his expertise to Singapore where he established the company as the leader in automating small to medium sized libraries and information resource centres. His portfolio has grown to include over 100 library clients in Southeast Asia. He was one of the first to automate libraries and information resource centres in Singapore and the region. Automating all of Singapore’s Junior College libraries in 1990 is just one of the many examples. His tremendous contribution in 100% success rate in data conversion for libraries of various sizes, testifies to Mr Cheng’s dedication to customer service and support.

A Bachelor of Science graduate of the University of New South Wales after majoring in Computer Science, Mr Cheng continues to spearhead new projects for the enhancement and development of information management applications using state-of-the-art technology.

Mr Eric Leung Sai Keung
General Manager of Vitechnology Systems Ltd

Mr Eric Leung is the General Manager of Vitechnology Systems Ltd. He has overseen overall company operations in Hong Kong, Macau and China since the company was established in 1990 in Hong Kong. He remains responsible for the Sales and Marketing in the region and is to be credited for the successful growth of the company.

He graduated from the University of NSW (Sydney, Australia) with a degree in Bachelor of Science. With his varied exposures to Human Resources Systems, Accounting Systems, Fixed Assets Systems and more importantly in Information Management Systems, Mr Leung has played a key role in designing and developing information management applications that has borne fruit in the popular and successful V-LIB Library Management System.

Mr Leung started as a library system consultant on the legacy Wang Mini-Computer, with the LIBMAN Library Management System and implemented LIBMAN in over 15 libraries in Australia and New Zealand. He brought his expertise into new products, and was a major player in the designing team who designed and developed the V-LIB Library Management System. He provides consultation, project management, implementation and data conversion services for libraries.

Mr Steven Toh Seng Keong
CEO / General Manager, VTEC Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd

Mr Steven Toh is the CEO cum General Manager of VTEC Systems (Asia) Pte Ltd. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Science, Information Systems and Computer Science from the National University of Singapore.

He joined VTEC Systems as a Software Engineer and took on various management roles, successfully implementing all projects that passed through his hands. He remains the main Project Manager for all major business largely in the area of library and information management applications. He plays a key role in business strategic planning, marketing and business development and Research and Development.

As the CEO of VTEC, Mr Toh has grown the company by over 70% and as the General Manager since 2009, Mr Toh has been largely responsible for the company’s successful expansion in the areas of new software development, Research and Development and expansion into non-library markets. Mr Toh continues to oversee new products and software development, bringing the company into the forefront of creative information management and enhanced information services.