Besides software development, VTEC also provides comprehensive library management services (VIMS), ASP server hosting services (VLIX), consultation in automation, software maintenance and training etc.


VLIXVTEC Information Management Services (VIMS) provides qualified professional library management services to organisations using V-LIB, to help organise and manage libraries where professional expertise is limited or unavailable.

VTEC’s library manager will be on-site at the library to carry out a wide range of management functions including:

  • Resource and collection development
  • Budget control and acquisition of materials using V-LIB
  • Cataloguing and indexing of library materials
  • Generation of reports and statistics on library performance
  • Management of magazine/serials subscription and circulation
  • Develop and initiate library services that are not yet available for eg. Current Awareness services.
  • Train library staff and library users on the proper use of the library and V-LIB.
  • Locate the correct expertise, products and services for the library where these fall outside VTEC’s range of products and services.